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Details Monitoring of Distributed Applications in Peer-to-Peer Systems: for Analysis and Optimization

Monitoring of Distributed Applications in Peer-To-Peer Systems Peer-to-peer systems have gained momentum over the last years. This work was motivated by the necessity to analyze such systems. It proposes a distributed monitoring system, P2PMonitor ...

79,00 EUR*
Details Self-Manageable Cloud Service Provisioning Infrastructure: SLA Enforcement via Holistic Monitoring Techniques and Novel Application Scheduling Mechanism

Self-Manageable Cloud Service Provisioning Infrastructure This book presents exceptional monitoring techniques for the management of service provisioning in Cloud Computing and the enforcement of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in an autonomic manner ...

140,17 EUR*
Details Therapeutic Drug Monitoring: Newer Drugs and Biomarkers

"Therapeutic Drug Monitoring: Newer Drugs and Biomarkers" features timely topics such as the monitoring of classical and newer drugs, pharmacogenomics and the application of biomarkers in therapeutic drug monitoring. This reference also discusses the ...

158,00 EUR*
Details Cultural Heritage and Aerobiology: Methods and Measurement Techniques for Biodeterioration Monitoring

Cultural Heritage and Aerobiology Gives a general overview of the application of aerobiology (the science that studies the biological components of the atmosphere) to the conservation of our cultural heritage. Aerobiological monitoring makes it ...

104,99 EUR*
Details Unsupervised Process Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis with Machine Learning Methods (Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition)

Unsupervised Process Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis with Machine Learning Methods This book describes the latest developments in nonlinear methods and their application in fault diagnosis. It details advances in machine learning theory and contains ...

57,78 EUR*
Details Data Traffic Monitoring and Analysis: From Measurement, Classfication, and Anomaly Detection to Qualtiy of Experience (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)

This book was prepared as the Final Publication of COST Action IC0703 "Data Traffic Monitoring and Analysis: theory, techniques, tools and applications for the future networks". It contains 14 chapters which demonstrate the results, quality,and the ...

104,99 EUR*
Details Tomography of the Earth’s Crust: From Geophysical Sounding to Real-Time Monitoring: GEOTECHNOLOGIEN Science Report No. 21 (Advanced Technologies in Earth Sciences)

The research work on the topic of "Tomography of the Earth's Crust: From Geophysical Sounding to Real-Time Monitoring" has focused on the development of cross-scale multiparameter methods and their technological application together with the ...

17,73 EUR*
Details Technology: Ethical Debates About the Application of Science (Dilemmas in Modern Science)

Each title in this series explores the ethical issues involved in monitoring, developing and controlling scientific advances in a given topic - food, health, power and technology, asking how science and the decisions scientists make affect us.

167,73 EUR*
Details Molecular Spectroscopy Workbench: Advances, Applications, and Practical Advice on Modern Spectroscopic Analysis (Translations: Asia & Asian America;204)

Molecular Spectroscopy Workbench Molecular spectroscopy refers to a variety of related analytical techniques used to provide a wide range of chemical information including the identification of materials, the monitoring of chemical reactions, and the ...

112,00 EUR*
Details Sony MDR-7510/1 Professioneller Studio-Kopfhörer schwarz

Idéal pour le monitoring de référence et les applications de mixage audio, le casque MDR-7510 enrichit la gamme MDR-7500 avec une nouvelle coque rigide de conception robuste. Doté de lecteurs de 50 mm intégrant des diaphragmes PET (polyéthylène ...